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Mowing and watering the grass, although important, are not the only things needed to obtain and maintain a healthy lawn. And having a healthy lawn is not only attractive, it is less prone to things such as weeds, insects, and fungi. 

There’s no question that everyone wants their lawn to be both healthy and attractive. But this can be a challenge given how busy our lives have become.  

That’s where Grass Monkeys of Tallahassee can help. Our team has the skill and experience to provide you with those necessary maintenance lawn services. Importantly, we know that your lawn is unlike any other lawn. For that reason, we analyze and customize our lawn preventative maintenance plans to fit the unique needs of your property. 

Grass Monkeys will customize a maintenance lawn care plan for you 

Our team at Grass Monkeys will first analyze the soil and grass to determine the best course of action to take. We’ll design a maintenance plan that meets the needs of your lawn. You can feel confident that when your lawn has the proper foundation followed up by proper routine care, it will be both healthy and attractive. 

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We look forward to taking care of your preventative lawn maintenance needs.