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 Winter  Leaf and Yard Cleanup

It’s a great time of year! Temperatures are getting cooler; we enjoy the crispness of the air. And the leaves are falling. They’re falling on the lawn, they’re falling on the flower beds, and they’re falling on the sidewalk and driveway.

When the leaves pile up not only does it become unsightly, it can be detrimental to grass and flower beds. The leaves can suffocate the grass. If the leaves are wet they can create a good environment for fungus to grow and pest to make their homes, both of which can cause harm to the grass and plants.

Grass Monkeys of Tallahassee will collect and haul those leaves away leaving your lawn and flowerbeds grateful and healthy. We also clean the leaves off sidewalks and driveways. We look forward to removing those leaves so you can enjoy your landscape and look forward to a healthy lawn in the spring. Call us for a free estimate at 850-509-9477.